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Franz Schubert
– Sonata in A minor for Flute and Guitar
(taken from the original Arpeggione & Piano Sonata composed in 1824
Mauro Giuliani
– Gran Duetto Concertante
Opus 52 for Flute and Guitar
Anton Diabelli
– Potpourri Variations on Favorite Themes by Beethoven from an edition of 1817 for Flute and Guitar


“Classical Masterpieces For Flute & Guitar” by Laurel Zucker & Mark Delpriora is a collection of classical compositions that every classical fan should own! With nothing more than their two instruments, Laurel and Mark demonstrate their mastery of music and their instruments, through their innovative and eloquent creations. Laurel and Mark’s performances are very tight on these musically complex tracks, and provide emotional dynamics throughout the tracks, clearly showing the work of accomplished musicians. For most of these tunes, the flute assumes the lead melody while the guitar provides a soothing and graceful rhythm foundation. The recording quality of the CD is crystal clear, which allows the beautiful instrumentation to shine through. Fans of classical instrumentals, set the tone for relaxing evenings with this CD as your soundtrack! and Xavier P.

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