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Philip Glass – Arabesque In Memorium for Solo Flute
Daniel Dorff – August Idyll for Solo Flute
Jack Perla – Partita for Solo Flute
Laurel Zucker – Dog Toy Suite
Bruce Lazarus – Far Corners for Solo Flute
Marius Flothuis – Aubade, Picolla Fantasia
Harald Genzmer – Pan for Solo Flute
William Jay – Sydeman for Solo Flute III
Roberto Sierra – Mariposo for Solo Flute
Anton Stamitz – Eight Caprices for Flute
David Kechley – Summer’s Passing In Memorium Jerilee Taverniti Kechley
J.J. Quantz – Caprices and Fantasies for Flute
Savario Mercadente – Sonata No. 1 in E minor
Savario Mercadente – Sonata No. 2 in F
Savario Mercadente – Sonata No. 3 in E minor
Arcangelo Corelli – La Folia Variations


“Flute Network Recommends….Inflorescence III- Music for Solo Flute performed by Laurel Zucker. A two CD package released on Cantilena Records 66042-2
This the third set of recordings of unaccompanied flute solos produced by Zucker and she has outdone herself… again!  An “inflorescence” is a characteristic arrangement of flowers on a stemor a flower cluster, and this is indeed, a profuse flowering.  As she explores further afield from the standard repertoire, Zucker has turned up some very special new solo pieces by major contemporary composers, including Philip Glass’, Arabesque in Memorium for solo flute;  Jack Perla’s Partita for Solo Flute; Daniel Dorff’s  August  Idyll  for Solo flute;  Bruce Lazarus’s  Far corners for Solo flute; Marius Flothuis’ Aude and Picolla Fantasia;  Harald Genzmer’s Pan for Solo Flute; William Jay Sydeman’s For Solo Flute; Roberto Sierra’s Mariposas for Solo Flute; David Kechley’sSummers Passing In Memorium Jerilee Taverniti Kechley;  and Laurel Zucker’s own delightful Dog Toy Suite  as well as some less familiar older works that deserve more performances: Anton Stamitz’ Eight Caprices for Flute;  J.J. Quantz’  Caprices and Fantasies for Flute; Savario Mercadante’s  Sonata No. 1 in E minor, Sonata No. 2 in F and Sonata No. 3 in E minor; Arcangelo Corelli’s La Folia Variations.” 

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