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London Trios for two flutes and violincello
·Trio 1 in C major (Hob. IV, 1)
·Trio II in G major (Hob. IV, 2)
·Trio III in G major (Hob. IV, 3)
·Trio IV in G major (Hob. IV, 4)

Divertimentos for flute, violin, and violincello
·Divertimento in D major (Hob. IV, 6)
·Divertimento in G major (Hob. IV, 7)
·Divertimento III (Hob. IV, 8)


“Laurel Zucker, winner of the 1996-7 Aaron Copland Award from the American Music Center, is featured on teo new CDs from Cantilena Records. Zucker displaysan agile technique and gleaming tone in these Hayn pieces, and she is joined by talented colleagues. Renee Siebert has been a member of the New York Philharmonic since 1974. Samuel Magill is a cellist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, while Shirien Taylor is that orchestra’s principal second violinist.”
PATRIOT LEDGER - Quincy, Massachusetts 1997
“The flute playing is at a consistent high level: Laurel Zucker’s able second flute partner in the London Trios is Renee Siebert. Shirien Taylor is the reliable violinist. Samuel Magill punches out his vigorous bass lines without flaw.”
“Pure Delight! Flutist Laurel Zucker has again provided a lovely look at some of the basic literature. In this outing she has assembled a group of colleagues whose subtly refined musical instincts match her own. With Zucker are flutist Renee Siebert, cellist Samuel Magill in the trios and violinist Shirien Taylor in the divertimenti. There is a felicitous agreement of how this music should be played and the obvious joy of making that so is quite obvious. Moreover, the engineering lets us in on the intimacy of the performances…”

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