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Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major, K. 313
·Allegro maestoso
·Adagio non troppo
·Rondeau: Tempo di menuetto
Flute Quartet in C major, No. 285b
·Theme and Variations

Flute Concerto in D major, K. 314
·Allegro aperto
·Andante ma non troppo



“In the latest string of Cantilena recordings Laurel Zucker gives fine traditional performances of the two flute concertos and the C major flute quartet of Mozart. A product of Juilliard, Zucker plays with sweet tone and nimble panache, and the orchestra under Zeev Dorman can be surprisingly sonorous. The low strings open the Concerto in G’s slow movement with a wonderfully full, mellow tone.”
“Flutist Laurel Zucker brings a clear vision of these popular concerti and backs it with a silver tone and admirable technique. Zucker’s tempi are bright and she is delightfully playful in the finale to the D major Concerto, K. 314. The soloist approach to both the concerti is admirably compatible with that of the accompanying members of the Israel Philharmonic. This is a musically impressive outing where Zucker seems perfectly attuned to the repertoire. And Cantilena sound gives just the right amount of brightness to present her to full advantage.”
“Mozart famously disliked the flute. Writing to his father in 1778 at the time he had been commissioned to compose some flute concertos and quartets by the wealthy Dutch amateur flautist De Jean, he complained that he was “quite powerless” to compose for an instrument that he disliked. Flautists of the time were of course performing on quite different instruments to the ones we are accustomed to hearing now. The Baroque “traverso” had been souped up a little with a wobbly variety…”
MUSICWEB International 2006

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