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·Crystal Palace by Lynn
·Song of the Wayfarer by Lynn
·Solar Bare by Lynn
·In Your Dreams by Lynn
·New Guitar by Lynn
·Over Time by Lynn
·Free Flight by Lynn
·Shining by Zucker
·A Folk Song  by Lynn


“…This reviewer found the rock orchestration most intriquing, bringing back memories of Jethro Tull and the Blues Project. the light show was a nice touch and the film of the tiny ballet dancers imposed on the illuminated backdrop created a surreal juxtaposition of music and dance. The show was admirable in its encompassing scope, high standards, and technical expertise.”

“Zucker and Lynn take you on a journey that you will want to experience again and again. Poetic Justice is a “Free Flight” to wonderland and without exception, some of the best prog-rock I have ever heard. This one is a gem that you need to discover today. I hope Ms. Zucker decides to do this again very soon! This CD is a classic instrumental rendering of symphonic rock that deserves a closer look by all progressive rock enthusiasts. I have to wonder how I missed this one in 1995!”

“Laurel Zucker and Davis Lynn combined to record an outstanding progressive-symphonic rock album in 1995 titled Poetic Justice. Zucker, accustomed to recording in the realm of classical music, took a right turn and never looked back, performing as if she was a prog-rock veteran like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. Lynn is the consummate multi-instrumentalist, serving up plenty of finely honed guitar licks, dreamy keyboards, and the right combination of programming to make all of the parts work just right. I found Laurel Zucker’s flute playing masterful as usual, she very smartly takes her classical influences and employs them effectively to mix with the rock sound created by her partner.”
“…this recording is primarily two people; I find that fact the most awe-inspiring. Once you hear all the varying sounds and feel the contoured moods of this music, you will certainly be in accord with my assessment that this is a five star CD.”

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